At INTLEKT, we are Building a Platform to Design Interoperable Ontologies

A Collaborative Platform

For whom?

Our platform was especially designed for ontologists, taxonomists, knowledge graphs architects, metadata managers, knowledge engineers, and data scientists who annotate datasets for machine learning.

Discover our vision (4 min. read)

Our customers will create, maintain, share, and discover open metadata systems, with the possibility of having some metadata systems kept in private mode for business.

Interoperability is at the Core of our Business

Our core technology, a metalanguage called IEML (Information Economy MetaLanguage), will provide users with:

  • 3,000 semantic blocks that can build any vocabulary, basic categories and relationships to one’s needs
  • A regular grammar which is embedded in the platform interface and designed to build complex concepts and relations
  • A toolbox for reaching consensus by the community on the meaning of the constructed categories
A Tool for Semantic Design

Our users will be able to explore a semantic palette interface with categories organized by subject-oriented paradigms and visualized as keyboards.

Categories and relations will be grounded in natural language and preexisting reference systems.

The platform is in construction, but you can already explore our prototype.

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