Paradigms of Inflections

Depending on its verbal (verb and adverb) or nominal (noun and adjective) class, an IEML expression, when included in a junction or sentence, can be modified by one or more inflections.

In order to understand the IEML paradigmatic tables, follow the reading instructions.

To search into the whole IEML dictionary, go to choose « read without account » and then « published projects ».

Grammatical classes

Table 1: grammatical classes

Inflections of verbs

Table 2: affirmation, negation, citation, interrogation

Table 3: probability, condition, authority, experience…

Table 4: verbal nuances: to be, to cause, to emerge, to feel…

Table 5: modalities

Table 6: voices

Table 7: aspects

Table 8: grammatical moods

Inflections of nouns

Table 9: numbering

Table 10: qualitative numbering

Table 11: groupings

Table 12: continuity

Table 13: definition and demonstration

Table 14: genders
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