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Art: Emma Kunz
Basic technical functions

In Table 1 below, we have the detail of basic technical functions from the sixth column of Table 1 on the page about transversal concepts. It is the declension of « i » (doing) according to the nine concepts-letters of table 1 in this page.

    Table 1: basic technical functions
    Complex technical functions

    Table 2 below present the matrix crossing the nine concepts of Table 1, resulting in (9×9) 81 concepts of complex technical functions.

    Table 2: complex technical functions
    Specialized technical concepts
    Table 3: textile

    In Table 3, the first row is about threads, the second row about sewing and the third row about machines.

    Table 4: solids, construction material

    In Table 4, the first row is about vertical structures, the second row about horizontal planes and the third row about cubic / parallelepiped structures.

    Table 5: tools to gather and hold.

    In Table 5, the first row presents tools with several « teeth » and the second row tools to hold something.

    Table 6: cutting tools

    In Table 6, the first row is a variation on tooth and nail, the second row a variation on stick and pole, and the third a variation on knife and scissors.

    Table 7: lifting, throwing, piercing tools

    In Table 7, the first two rows present technical concepts related to the action of lifting or pulling, rows 3 and 4 present technical concepts related to the action of throwing, and rows 5 and 6 present concepts related to the action of drilling.

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