Linguistic Tool-Words

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Syntactic marks
Cause (role)
Time (role)
Place (role)
Intention (role)
Manner (role)
Verbal inflections
  • E:O:O:. affirmation, negation, citation, interrogation
  • E:M:O:. probability, condition, authority, experience
  • E:.b.O:O:.- to be, to become, to cause to be, to feel, to appear
  • E:.b.O:M:.- to know, to want, to be able, to let know, to commit, to do / to leave
  • E:.-O:O:.-t.o.-‘ voice: active, passive, reflexive, reciprocal
  • E:F:.-t.o.-‘ aspect: finished, usual, beginning, middle, end
  • E:.-‘O:O:.-M:.-‘t.o.-‘, verbal modes: indicative, imperative, optative, deontic, subjunctive, infinitive, gerund, participle, etc.
Nominal inflections
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