Time and Change

In order to understand the IEML paradigmatic tables, follow the reading instructions.

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Time units
Table 1: calendar time units

Note that t.o.-n.o.h.-‘ means calendar in IEML (see Transversal concepts Table 3)

Table 2: chronometer time units

Note that t.i.-d.i.x.-‘ means chronometer in IEML. See the page on technology and material things, Table 3.

Table 3: time of the day

Note the alternance of U and A on the 4th letter of the words.

Concepts related to time
Table 4: moment, selection, state / duration, evolution, process

Table 5: time and movement

Table 6: orientation in time

Life cycles
Table 6 life cycles

In Table 6, the first row is about the symbolic life cycle, the second about the daily cycle, the third about the fours ages of human/animal life and the fourth row about the reproductive cycle. The columns go from the beginning to the end.

Generative mutations
Table 7: generative mutations

Table 7 is about the operators, transformations and shifts that may affect the meaning of situations and life.

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