There are three ways to express relationships in IEML

Relationships in IEML are expressed by phrases:

  • By putting the expression of the relationship in root and that of the terms, in leaf roles
  • By putting the expression of the relationship in a role auxiliary, while the terms are the root and the leaf
  • By using a junction for the expression of the relationship, while the terms are the connected categories.
IEQL, the Information Economy Query Language

When the syntactic places of a sentence are occupied by paradigms (sets of categories), a complete graph of the relations between each singular category is woven. If this completed graph does not correspond to the relations we want to create, then we must set conditions for the weaving of the links for each of the paradigms. These conditions are expressed by the IEQL query language.

In a virtual database addressed by IEML, IEQL has two main functions:
Search and the creation of semantic relations.

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