Prepositions (also called auxiliaries) precise the grammatical roles of causality, time, place, intention and manner.

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Prepositions for the causality role

Table 1: set/element, part/whole, cause/effect, matter/form, relation, instrumentation.

Table 2: operation roles

Table 3: ternary causality – species, specific difference and genre – mutation, selection and evolution.

Prepositions for the time role

Table 4: present, future and past, absolute and relative.

Table 5: cases for the explanation of simultaneity, duration and relations in time

Prepositions for the place role

Table 6: place cases relative to a horizontal plane

Table 7: place cases relative to the vertical axis

Table 8: place cases relative to « inside / outside »

Table 9: place cases relative to paths

Prepositions for the intention role

Table 10: intention cases

Table 11: relations between games, roles, matches, players and moves

Prepositions for the manner role

Table 12: manner cases

Table 13: possessives
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